“This program does everything I need an overland, hex-based mapping program to do. It allows me to produce high-quality, visually appealing maps with a minimum of effort and a very small learning curve… There is a forum for the program, and the support from [the developer] is outstanding.” Full Review –Bob, Back to the Keep

“Hexographer is a great, quickly acquired and configured, utility-rich cartography tool with an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface, and a very accessible price-point.” Full Review –Ben McFarland, Kobold Quarterly

Within 15 minutes, I had drawn the terrain for my current campaign. In under an hour, the towns, roads, and rivers were added. The intuitive interface really made things simple, and the maps had an ‘old school’ vibe that reminded me of the original maps from the 1980s World of Greyhawk campaign setting.” Full Review –Kurt “Telas” Schneider of Gnome Stew.

“Whatever you play, look at Hexographer.” –Frank Mentzer

“I own [two other more expensive fantasy map programs] and got more done in my first couple of hours with Hexographer than I did after days with either of the those programs. I really appreciate the simplicity of Hexographer’s user interface and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with it and where you take it. –Michael S-J.

“It is the single most useful piece of mapping software for both fantasy world campaigns and sci-fi starmapping.” –Maria F.

“Hexographer is the best hex mapping software I’ve seen. Ever. It’s highly customisable, it includes a bevy of useful features, it’s regularly updated, and it’s very easy to use… If you’re one of the many GMs who liked hex maps all along, but couldn’t find the right software to make them, Hexographer is the tool you’ve been looking for.” Full Review –The Welsh Piper

“Hexographer is a great little web-based java application that does exactly what it advertises – it allows you to quickly create hex maps in the older edition style – and it does it in a pretty easy to use interface… I’ve been able to use this hex [map] editor for both of my campaigns and I’ve been quite pleased at the results. I’m also REALLY psyched because I have run this in both Windows and Ubuntu…” –Michael Shorten (Chgowiz)