For Windows, Mac & Linux

Hexographer sits on top of Java, which allows Hexographer to run on many different computer systems. But you'll need to download and install Java on your machine first.

Try the Free Version!

Not sure if you want to buy it? Try it first! We offer a free version of Hexographer. It is the same program, but with several pro features (importing icons is limited, can't create a child map, can't expand an existing map, etc.) turned off.


Within 15 minutes, I had drawn the terrain for my current campaign. In under an hour, the towns, roads, and rivers were added. The intuitive interface really made things simple, and the maps had an ‘old school’ vibe that reminded me of the original maps from the 1980s World of Greyhawk campaign setting.” Full Review –Kurt “Telas” Schneider of Gnome Stew.

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