Features List

Note that the free version (link will start the free version, it runs in your browser) is very rich and what is in the free version will stay free. However a few useful features (noted below) are only in the Pro version. Some future features will also only be in the Pro version.

So please try the free version and if you need the Pro version features or if you just want to support further development, purchase a license!


  • Easily add terrain to a blank map by just clicking the hexes.
  • Drag over hexes to add terrain more quickly.
  • Optionally, use the random terrain generator to create a map.
  • Optionally, sketch in the basic terrain layout and run the terrain wizard to fill in your map based on your sketch.
  • Use feature icons to designate cities, castles, forts, mines, caverns, etc.
  • Draw lines to make your coastline look rough, add rivers, roads, trails, etc.
  • Add text of pre-set styles to name cities, rivers, countries, mountain ranges or anything else.
  • The program automatically keeps text above lines, lines about features, and features above terrain.


  • Hex numbers can be turned on.
  • You can put the hex numbers on the top of the hexes or on the bottom; you can make your numbers row by column or column by row; the row and column numbering can start with any number; you can change the hex numbers’ font color/size/face/style; you can set the separator between the row and column numbers to anything or nothing.
  • Use an icosahedral map template.
  • Customize terrain and features by resizing or removing the icons or changing colors.
  • Customize the color and width of pre-styled lines. This allows all of your rivers, roads, borders, etc. to be consistent. If you drew each line with the appropriate button, you can later adjust the color or width and all the lines on the map made with that style will update properly.
  • Customize the font face, style, color, and style of pre-styled text. Just like with pre-styled lines, if you add text using one of the styled buttons, it will update appropriately.
  • The map can be oriented so that the columns are stacked nicely and the rows are staggered or vice versa.

Special Features

  • Maps can be seamlessly sent to a web service to be printed as a poster or art print.
  • Trace over a map from another source.
  • Pre-styled lines and text are associated with the tags “natural” “infrastructure” and/or “political.” Arbitrary lines and text can be associtated with any of these tags. Then, each of these types may be turned off. So you could complete you map then decide to save a version without any political markings.

Pro Features

  • Runs stand-alone on your computer without connecting to the Inkwell Ideas website.
  • Change terrain/feature icons using the “Options/Hex Settings” menu. (Any png can be used as an icon.)
  • Add completely new terrain and features with custom icons.
  • Expand or contract the number of hexes on the map. (Allows you to expand an existing map.)
  • Notes: These give you a way to write up details about a map hex. A small rectangle will appear in the hex (these rectangles can be toggled off) and clicking it pops up a small window with those details.
  • Automagically generate, then customize a map key based on the symbols used for the map.

Known issues

  • Print dialog: borders noted in cm are not in cm; Printing to A4/landscape switches to portrait almost every second time; does not store previously used settings
  • Feature decorations get duplicated